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How Much Effort Do You Need To Put Into Wedding Invitations?

Your wedding invitations are something that you need to prepare in the lead up to your marriage. They have a practical utility in letting your guestlist know who they are and important details about the big day (such as directions, formalities, gifting etc.)

They also are an opportunity to get people extra excited about your big day and you can get extremely creative with how you do them. There are many examples of absolutely outstanding wedding invitations that have been made by couples who want to go above and beyond what is normally expected.


How much do you care about the little details?

In the grand scheme of planning your marriage day, you might consider your wedding invitation cards a small piece of the puzzle that you don’t need to pay much attention to. There is no right or wrong answer here – some couples only do the bare minimum when it comes to these letters because they only see them as a necessary organisational tool, not something that is a part of the extravagance (or lack thereof) of their special day.

There are lots of small things like this that you will need to make decisions about with regards to your budget and how much time you have to prepare before the big day. Spending too much time and money on something small could compromise the big things that most people will remember – you don’t need fancy letters if you have an unforgettably extravagant event, since people won’t remember or really care about them.


Doing them digitally

A popular trend for many couples is to get their wedding invitations done entirely online so that they don’t need to spend a lot of money on extra costs like packaging and postage. Many people don’t really check their letterbox, and this is especially true if many of your guests are younger and don’t really care for the traditional approach – they value convenience and emails, or social media is what they know and are used to using to communicate.

While Grandma might really love a physical letter sent to her, it may not be practical to spend extra money just to satisfy that whim. If you have a lovely ceremony, then she likely won’t care or remember that small detail.

Most younger couples these days tend to value saving money on their ceremonies and focusing on the things that matter most to them on the day. Things like catering and photography are already very expensive, so people will happily sacrifice something as relatively trivial as wedding invitations to better supply these other things for their big day.


Going fancy

If you do decide to spend a lot of money on your wedding invitations, then there are plenty of suppliers out there you can select who will make the process easy for you. Many of them will allow you to create your own designs on their website and combine them with lettering/postage packages that allow you to relax since it is all being handled on your behalf.

While these survive will come at a premium, they are well worth the cost if you want to get the best letters possible to send to your guests. Doing this will raise the profile of your marriage ceremony and help get your guests more excited than they might have been otherwise.

At the end of the day, you have the freedom of choice to go with something simple or to go with some extravagant for your wedding invitations – no matter what choice you make you will surely have a great day!