parents pushing a bassinet pram

Important Safety Tips For Bassinet Prams

Buying a stroller is one of the most important product investments you make as a parent for a variety of reasons. Making the wrong choice in this department means an uncomfortable experience for you and your bub at best, and one that’s unsafe at worst.

Bassinet prams are a great tool for any parent, but just having one alone is not enough – there are some important stroller safety tips that you need to be aware of. The following will examine some of these tips.


Use the brakes!

When it comes to bassinet prams, the brakes should be easy to access and easy for you to use without effort. And you should always use the brakes when you come to any stop, even on a flat surface where you don’t think the stroller will develop a mind of its own and roll away. Make sure you use the wrist strap every time you use the stroller, as it is an extra layer of safety if you ever forget to apply the brakes.

You should never just assume that the bassinet pram will stay upright or in one place when you don’t attend it. If you need to leave for a brief period, make sure that someone you trust is supervising the stroller and that you have ensured the brakes are applied.

If you are going to be a fit parent who jogs with your baby, then pick a stroller that is actually designed for that purpose. Make sure that you lock the front wheel of the stroller when you take off the go jogging so that there is no chance of swiveling.


Harness the safety harness!

While young bubs who are under 6 months of age will mowoman pushing a bassinet pramstly be flat on their back in your bassinet pram, older kids that sit up need a safety harness adjusted over their shoulders, hips, and groin. The obvious utility of this is that it keeps them from leaning too far forward and falling out or trying to climb out of the stroller when you’re not looking.

You need to make sure the harness is secured each time that you start a journey with your little one and don’t take it off until they are ready to leave the bassinet pram. You should make sure that the stroller you get had a harness with 5 points that are linked very securely to a strong frame.

The harness is going to stop the baby from leaving or tipping over the side of the stroller, especially when you are going over inclines like a steep curbside or hill. The harness should be easy for you to undo, but impossible for the baby.


Keep the bassinet pram stable

Of course, the safety of the stroller will be compromised if you can’t keep it stable and upright at all times. You should always physically inspect any stroller you are thinking of buying to see how stable it is and plan for how you would use it to store shopping bags. The bassinet pram should have a sturdy and centrally located storage compartment so you can put shopping there without risking it tipping over (if you have lots of bags hanging off the handle it can tip).

While the strength and stability of the bassinet pram is an important consideration when you buy it, you also need to think about your own behavior. For example, allowing another child to ride on the stroller can cause an imbalance, so don’t let this happen.

There you have it, some essential safety tips for using your bassinet pram safely.