Group of young people smoking using glass pipes in Australia

The Best Accessories & Add-Ons For Glass Pipes In Australia

So, you have your selection of glass pipes in Australia, the finest examples of smoking technology, and dank enjoyment you can muster. So, what now? Well of course you’ll be needing a few accessories, after all, there is nothing that isn’t helped with an accessory or two, or three.

More often than not, there are little add-ons, caveats, quid pro quos that can elevate your smoking experience and complement your glass pipes in Australia to an entirely new level of sophistication and enjoyment. Having the best glass pipes in Australia is half the battle, today we’re going to dive into those extra-level goodies that will elevate your smoking game to an exciting new height.

Quartz Banger

A personal favourite for many smokers around the world and especially those with glass pipes in Australia. The Quartz Banger is a simple yet effective attachment that elevates the smoking game to an entirely new level from the first hit. Being able to transform your regular bong into a fully-fledged dab rig is incredibly efficient and transformative to say the least.

Simple enough to fit onto most bongs and glass pipes in Australia, a quartz banger allows for a steady flow and ease of dabbing your favourite substance with relative ease, and without the necessity of purchasing an entirely new rig altogether.

Ash Catcher

The classic attachment for glass pipes in Australia is the ash catcher, this little bad boy is able to slip unceremoniously underneath your stem and add a few layers of convenience and sophistication to your smoking session. Simply put, it works as an extra level of filtration for the smoke traveling on its perilous journey from bowl to mouth, while also catching a fair amount of the unwanted ash remains that usually find their way into the water pits below.

This handy and inexpensive little device will allow glass pipes in Australia to last a little longer before needing a thorough and necessary clean (no one likes a dirty bong).

Bowl Replacements

Yes, we know we’re already talking about glass pipes in Australia, so why are we jumping down this rabbit hole? Well, like any connoisseur experience, there are different levels and different tastes for different smokers. There are wacky and entertaining design alternatives for the bowls where the magic is packed away. This is especially true for glass pipes in Australia, housing endless opportunity for entertainment and fun with no end of varying sizes and designs that make any bong your own.

Also inexpensive and endlessly interchangeable, some bowl replacements house a very unique look that may be a callback to your own life, like a cartoon character, while others are purchased for more utility than simple aesthetic adjustment. Some allow for an easier smoking stream, while others have a larger or smaller volume index to allow for a more intense or more mellow experience. The choice is yours, but it is certainly a necessary addition.

Res Caps

This will separate the glass pipes in Australia from the throwaways, the amateurs from the experts. Having a set of res caps is essential for any serious smoker in the country. They’re ingenious, smart, and inexpensive, so the only reason you don’t have one is simply that you’re not researched enough. Well worry no longer, we’re here to help. Res caps fit onto glass pipes in Australia for easier and safer travel as the water is kept from leaking or s[pilling out in transit. Also useful for cleaning your various smoking apparatuses with the seal providing a little leeway for an extra hard shake when cleaning out your smoking companion.